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Bird Behavior That's Strictly For The Birds

Steve Scher
05/14/2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Imagine a flock of birds. Are they all likeminded or are they individual personalities? What about the chickens in your yard, your pet parrot, or the nesting robin in your tree? Birds are as far from human as possible. They lay eggs. They fly. Their bones are hollow. They are covered in feathers. Do we share any common traits with them? Just how much individual thought and personality do they have? Share your personal stories of the bird behavior you've witnessed at 1.800.289.KUOW(5869.)

Plus, Cliff Mass joins us with a weekend weather forecast.


Sy Montgomery is a naturalist and an author for adults and children. Her award-winning books include "The Good Good Pig," "Journey of the Pink Dolphins," "Spell of the Tiger" and "The Search for the Golden Moon Bear." She is also a documentary scriptwriter and radio commentator. Her latest book is called "Birdology."

Cliff Mass is a UW Atmospheric Scientist.

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