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Pacific Northwest Fashion

Steve Scher
08/13/2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Do people in the northwest dress in a certain way? Khakis and Gore–Tex. Sandals and socks. Lots and lots of fleece. Are these stereotypes really true? Do people here dress in a particular style? Has that style changed over time? We have fashion designers and models here. What new, fashion–forward styles are coming out of the Puget Sound? Today, Steve Scher tries on the style of the Pacific Northwest. What do you think the Seattle look is? Call 1.800.289.5869 (KUOW) or email "Weekday." Plus, the weekend weather forecast with Cliff Mass.


Laura Cassidy is the style editor at Seattle Metropolitan Magazine and editor–in–chief of Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom.

Adam Sinding runs the Seattle Fashion blog, 21Arrondisement.

Dana Landon runs the blog, It's My Darlin'.

Strath Shepard is the founder and creative director of Pacific Standard.

Cliff Mass is an atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington.

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