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Earmark Argument, Competing Cookouts, And Graffiti

Guy Nelson
08/27/2010 at 12:00 p.m.

You Say Potato, I Say Pork Barrel: Washington's US Senate race is turning testy. The issue: money for special projects that members of Congress secure for projects in their home states. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins found out just how sensitive the issue is when he spoke to both candidates about it.

A Tale Of Two Cookouts: Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas hosts his first "Salmon–Chanted Evening" Saturday at Victor Steinbrueck Park. He says he'll use most of the proceeds to pay for additional security for the park, a notoriously seedy public space. The homeless advocacy group SHARE opposes the event, so they're hosting, "Wiener Roast for Shelter," a rival cookout at the same place, same time. We'll talk to a SHARE representative.

Graffiti Hub Trouble: Tubs, a former hot tub spa in the University District, has become a haven for taggers and a place to practice graffiti art. For some neighboring businesses, the building is an eyesore and an irritant. We'll talk to one of them.


Sherry Rowe is a member of SHARE's board of directors.

Stephanie Ogle owns Cinema Books, located directly across the street from the Tubs building.

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