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Searching Student Cell Phones, Prisoners' Frogs, And Child Welfare

Jeannie Yandel
08/31/2010 at 12:00 p.m.

Searching Student Cell Phones: The ACLU is questioning a proposed policy change by the Oak Harbor School District that would allow administrators to search student cell phones in cases of suspected cyber–bullying or other misconduct. We'll hear from the ACLU and from the school district.

Prisoners Raise Frogs: The Oregon Zoo announced this month a $5,000 grant to go toward raising spotted frogs. The grant recipient? The Washington State Department of Corrections. KUOW's Sara Lerner explains.

Child Placement Streamlined: Child welfare managers from Oregon and Washington signed an agreement yesterday. It streamlines the placement of children in state custody across state lines.


Brian Alseth is director of the Technology and Liberty project at the ACLU of Washington state.

Joe Hunt is communications director for the Oak Harbor School District.

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