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Medical Errors, Biomass Plant Protest, Gay Teens And Bullying

Ross Reynolds
10/07/2010 at 12:00 p.m.

Medical Errors: Two children died recently at Children's Hospital in Seattle. A medication error has been identified as the cause of death in at least one case — the other is still being investigated. Hospitals in Washington are required to report medical errors, but relatively few errors are actually being reported. Democratic State Senator Karen Keiser plans to introduce legislation next session to improve Washington's medical–error reporting program.

Biomass Plant Protest: Using biomass to generate power sounds like a win–win for the environment: material like wood and waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill gets turned into energy. But not everybody's happy about it. A group of protestors gathered in Olympia yesterday to protest a proposed biomass power plant at in Mason County. We'll talk to one of the protesters and representative of the company that wants to build the new plant.

Gay Teens And Bullying: Recent suicides by gay teenagers have focused attention on the issue of bullying that many gay, lesbian and transgender kids face in school and online. Dan Savage says "it gets better" for gay teens after high school. The National Gay Straight alliance says we should make it better for gay youth now. What do you think? Was or is your high school a welcoming place for gay students? Were you bullied for being or even "looking gay?" Did you bully other people?


State Senator Karen Keiser represents Kent.

Jack Miles is a commissioner for the Port of Shelton.

Tom DePonty is a spokesperson for Adage, which is proposing a biomass power plant for Mason County.

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