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Jonathan Safran Foer: 'Eating Animals'

Jenny Asarnow
10/21/2010 at 8:00 p.m.

Jonathan Safran Foer doesn't eat animals anymore. Don't worry: he's not going to tell you to become a vegetarian or judge you if you're not. But he will pose this question: How much is eating animals worth to you? Is it worth making antibiotics less effective for humans? Or polluting our water and air? Or creating turkeys that can't reproduce, chickens who can't live more than 45 days without (literally) growing too big for their bones, or pregnant pigs who can't turn around in their cages? Jonathan Safran Foer spent three years thinking about those questions, and in the end decided eating meat wasn't worth any of those things to him. He couldn't bear to feed it to his child. He says if he did, he wouldn't be the person he believes himself to be.

Jonathan Safran Foer is the author of two novels titled "Everything is Illuminated" and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," and a book of nonfiction called "Eating Animals." He spoke at Town Hall Seattle on September 20, 2010. Town Hall and the University Bookstore sponsored the event.

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