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Jonathan Alter: Obama's First Year

Andrew Walsh
10/28/2010 at 8:00 p.m.

Things have certainly changed since Barack Obama first took over the Oval Office. His inauguration symbolized hope and the promise of a new beginning for many Americans. But those early, heady days have been replaced with bitter partisan stone throwing and a tea party uprising that views the new president with hostility and vitriol.

Nearly two years into the Obama presidency, as Americans get ready to return to the polls for midterm elections, we look back at the first 12 months of the new administration. Veteran political reporter Jonathan Alter takes us behind closed doors for a peek into the wheelings and dealings of a fresh–faced politician suddenly grappling with some of the biggest challenges the United States has ever faced — from a collapsing economy to a hole in the bottom of the ocean that wouldn't stop leaking oil.

Jonathan Alter is the senior editor of Newsweek and a contributing correspondent for NBC news. His latest book is called "The Promise: President Obama, Year One."

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