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Campaign Scandal, Eastside Politics, And Wrongly Convicted

Guy Nelson
10/29/2010 at 12:00 p.m.

Moxie Media Case Goes To AG, Re-vote Possible: Not since the 1970s has a court overturned a Washington election and ordered a re–vote. But that specter has now been raised in Washington's 38th Legislative District because of an emerging campaign finance scandal. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins reports.

State Legislature's Fate Up To Seattle's Eastern Suburbs: The battle over control of the Washington State Legislature is being waged in Seattle's eastern suburbs. That's where many incumbent Democrats faced close calls or lost to Republicans in the primary. In the race for the 48th District, the candidates agree that they're campaigning in the shadow of national politics. KUOW's Amy Radil reports.

Compensation For Washington's Wrongly Convicted? Two Washington men served 17 years for a crime they did not commit. They were released earlier this year with no compensation from the State of Washington for the time they spent in prison. We'll hear more about the case from a lawyer with the Innocence Project Northwest, which wants the state to pass legislation to compensate the wrongfully convicted.


Lara Zarowsky is policy staff attorney for the Innocence Project Northest Clinic at the University of Washington.

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