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Crossing The Border With Lawrence Matsuda

Elizabeth Austen

"I carry my own fence," writes Lawrence Matsuda in his poem "War on Terror — Border Crossing." The image alludes to the ongoing effect of his family's internment at the Minidoka concentration camp during World War II. Matsuda was born in the camp, and the poems in his new collection "A Cold Wind from Idaho" (Black Lawrence Press) document the emotional damage the internment wreaked on him and his family, and by extension the more than 120,000 other Japanese Americans who were evacuated to the camps following the bombing at Pearl Harbor.

Matsuda recently retired from a nearly 30–year career in the Seattle School District as a teacher, principal and administrator. He is the co–editor of "Community and Difference: Teaching, Pluralism and Social Justice," which won the 2006 National Association of Multicultural Education Phillip Chinn Book Award. He was recorded in the KUOW studios Oct. 15, 2010.

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