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Shoreline Students Go Back To Facebook, Texting

Phyllis Fletcher

High school students in Shoreline go back to life as usual Monday. Hundreds of them pledged to give up Facebook, texting and online gaming for a week. KUOW's Phyllis Fletcher reports.


Bethany McAuliffe is one of those students at Shorecrest High. She almost messed up once last week. She was on her laptop typing a paper.

McAuliffe: "And I typed in Facebook on the link. I was like 'f–a–c — oh, wait a minute. Can't do that.'"

Bethany says she's spent more time with friends and her mom. And she and her friends have learned that their homework gets done a lot faster if they're not on Facebook at the same time.

The first day of school this week everything is back to normal. Bethany says she'll hold out on Facebook and texting until the school day is over.

McAuliffe: "I feel like more obligated to text after school, and not text during school. 'Cause I feel like I'm getting more work done than usually when I check my phone every couple of times when I'm in school."

A lot of kids failed the challenge — checking their phones all the time. Bethany's teacher Trent Mitchell came up with this idea. His spies lurked on Facebook and online games, and they sent fake–out texts.

Mitchell: "Some of them said, you know, 'what are you doing for lunch,' 'do you want to hang out after school,' you know, 'what time is practice,' that kind of thing."

Kids would write back. "Do I know you?" Bam! Busted. About a hundred students at Shorecrest have gotten caught or given up, and some were out the first day. But Mitchell says the kids who've hung in there have learned something.

Mitchell: "I think the students have had a really good time talking to people either on the phone or face to face. I really do think that a few students may make a few more phone calls after this."


I'm Phyllis Fletcher, KUOW News.

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