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State Schools May Set Tuition, Domestic Violence Murders, And Failing Banks

Ross Reynolds
01/04/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Should State Schools Set OwnTuition? Yesterday a task force appointed by Governor Gregoire proposed allowing state colleges and universities to set their own tuition levels, as long as they're in line with what peer institutions in other states charge. The proposal would also set up a billion–dollar fund to provide subsidies for low– and middle–income students. We'll hear from a task–force member.

Domestic Violence Murders: Domestic violence has claimed the lives of 755 people in past 13 years. Nine of the 19 homicides in Seattle last year were domestic violence related. An advocacy group says the legal system failed to keep victims safe.

Washington's Failing Banks: In Washington 45.4 percent of the banks are 'stressed.' That's worse than any other state except Arizona. Plus, 14 percent of the state's banks have shut down in the past two years. We'll learn why, and get a forecast for 2011.

Farewell To The Fun Forest: Some find it depressing. Others find it enchanting. Many of those who love it are less than five years old. It's the Seattle Center's Fun Forest. Sunday was its last day of business. It's been losing revenue for years, and now KEXP and the Chihuly Glass Museum are planning to take its place. In December 2007 when then–Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels said he wanted to close the Fun Forest, we asked you to tell us what you thought.


Kelly Gilblom reports on banking and finance for the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Brad Smith is general counsel and senior vice president for Legal and Corporate Affairs at Microsoft. He served on the Governor's Higher Education Task Force.

Jake Fawcett is fatality review coordinator for the Washington state Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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