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Stretching Toward Perfection

Jeremy Richards

Every day we're bombarded with broken promises to be better. Countless books, billboards, pop–up ads and radio programs carry messages about how our lives could improve — forever stretching toward perfection. But rarely do we find encouragement to embrace imperfection. In the late 90s, Claire Dederer was a 31–year–old new mom living in North Seattle, and she felt overwhelmed by the culture of "perfect moms" — always cooking organic food, only using wooden toys and attending parenting groups. Still, she wanted to be one of them. So when Claire injured her back while breastfeeding, she took up yoga — it seemed like the "perfect mom" thing to do. Claire Dederer tells KUOW's Jeremy Richards how her journey through yoga, parenting and reflecting on her childhood eventually gave her a new perspective on perfection.

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