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The Unemployed

Steve Scher
02/07/2011 at 9:00 a.m.

This long, slow recovery which many call "The Great Recession" is hurting working people. Some cannot find jobs. Some have had to move in hopes of better opportunities. Some have had to remake and retrain themselves. Some are facing declining opportunities the longer they stay out of work. They are finding more competition from younger workers who are willing to work for less. Their timeline for retirement has been pushed out. KUOW's Public Information Network has been soliciting input from our listeners who are still unemployed almost two years since the recovery supposedly began. KUOW's Steve Scher talks to three of your fellow listeners about how the recession has affected them.


Lori Campbell worked in information technology. She moved to Austin for work, but has since been laid–off again.

Jennifer Hawkins worked as an architect.

Christopher Clowe worked in the restaurant industry

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