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Seattle Yachters Killed By Somali Pirates, Closing Tax Loopholes To Fund Education, State Surveillance Bill

Guy Nelson
02/22/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Two Seattle Yachters Killed By Somali Pirates: Two well–loved Seattle yachters were killed by Somali pirates yesterday. Bob Riggle and Phyllis Macay were taken hostage along with two other California yachters. They were shot while the US Military attempted to negotiate with the pirates. This is the first time US citizens have been killed in the ongoing string of Somali pirate attacks. We talk with Marie Capogna, a past commodore at the Seattle Singles Yacht Association where the couple were members.

Closing Tax Loopholes To Fund Education: A new bill introduced to the state Legislature would close tax loopholes to fund education in Washington state. The measure would create a commission to weigh education priorities against tax exemptions. Their proposals would be sent to the voters.

State Surveillance Bill: The state legislature is considering a bill that would limit undercover surveillance. The measure would prevent law enforcement from collecting information about a person's religious or political views, unless it can be linked to a criminal investigation.


Marie Capogna was a past commodore at the Seattle Singles Yacht Association.

Larry Seaquist represents Gig Harbor and the 26th District.

Senator Adam Kline He represents the 37th District, which includes much of South Seattle.

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