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Greg Mortenson's Deceit: Does A Story Need To Be Truthful To Inspire Action?

Steve Scher
04/21/2011 at 9:00 a.m.

Greg Mortenson appeared on "Weekday" eight times between 2001 through 2009. Many listeners were captivated by his story of building schools in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some of you gave money. Others of you began new charitable pursuits, inspired by his message that individuals can make a difference. Now that accusations of blatant deceit tarnish Mortenson's story and mission — what's your response? Do you feel betrayed? Mortenson's book "Three Cups of Tea" clearly illustrates how a powerful story can inspire charitable action. Does it matter if the story isn't true? Also, share your story. Did you start your own charity or get involved with Greg Mortenson's mission after hearing him? What action did you take? How do you feel now?


You, the listener.

Joel Connelly is a columnist for the Seattle P–I.

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