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Seattle Center Cleans Up Its Fountains

Staff Reporter

Pacific Science Center workers cleaned out the park's main fountain yesterday and they found lots of money: Coins that have been tossed in the fountain since it was built for the World's Fair in 1962. They used a big vacuum to suck out the gunk and coins. Here's an audio postcard of what that sounded like.


Anderson: "My name's Michelle Anderson, I'm the chief financial and operating officer here, at the Pacific Science Center.

"This an exciting project for us, we're always looking for ways to increase revenue; this is a little bit of an unexpected way to find some money.

"As we scoped them to see the condition of the pipes we realized there was quite a bit of money from the last 49 years in the pipes, so we're cleaning out the pipes and getting that money.

"We're getting a lot of quarters and pennies, some of them are in pretty poor condition so we're going to be returning some of them to the US mint so they can pay us for those. But we're finding a lot of treasures as well. We found a ring this morning, we found some tokens from the world's fair, some ride tokens for the Seattle Center, some just exciting things, mementos from the fair.

"We will be repairing the ponds and putting drainage caps so that we won't be having to do this in the future. But it's been a lot of fun for us and staff are really excited about being able to go through and seeing what's the treasures are we might find in there."

That audio postcard was produced by KUOW's Mustafa Zaki.

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