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Hari Kondabolu On Comedy And Human Rights

Jeremy Richards

There's an old idea that you can be idealistic or you can be successful, but you can't be both. But Hari Kondabolu doesn't buy into that idea. He's a comedian who sticks to his ideals, and he's still been pretty successful. You may have seen him recently on his own Comedy Central special. Hari started doing broader stand–up comedy when he was 17, but after September 11 he became more political and socially conscious. He spent two years working for human rights in Seattle, and he found a way to incorporate his social consciousness into his comedy. Then, just last year Hari was performing in Seattle and he had a run–in with a bigot in the back of the room. He reveals how this moment was a defining moment for his comedy and for the audience he's trying to reach. Hari Kondabolu talks with KUOW's Jeremy Richards.

Related Event

Hari Kondabolu performs June 16–June 18, 2011 at Seattle's Comedy Underground and on June 25, 2011 at Theatre Off Jackson.

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