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Bellingham Plastic Bag Ban And Homeless Get The Boot

David Hyde
07/13/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Bellingham Bans Plastic Bags: The Bellingham City Council this week unanimously voted to ban plastic bags. Edmonds also successfully banned the bags in 2009, but a Seattle proposal was voted down that same year. How did Bellingham manage to garner wide support a ban that was so controversial in Seattle?

Assaulted At Work: Most of us face little risk of being assaulted while we're on the job. But if you're a cop, a convenience store clerk or a cab driver, your line of work can quickly turn violent. The same is true for people working in hospitals and nursing homes. In part three of our "Danger At Work" series, KUOW's John Ryan examines violence in the emergency room.

Booting People's Homes: One–third of the homeless people in Seattle live in their cars. Now, some are losing their shelter due to the city's tough new policies on parking scofflaws. We talk to a homeless advocate who's the founder of a group called Stop Impounding Homes.


Seth Fleetwood is an at–large city councilman in Bellingham. He led the push for a plastic bag ban.

Graham Pruss is the founder of Stop Impounding Homes, an advocacy group for homeless affected by the city's new boot program.

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