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Bill Grace On Leadership And 'Sharing The Rock'

Jeremy Richards

Sharing your personal story can be a powerful way to persuade others. But it's not always easy. When you open up about yourself, you're also vulnerable to criticism, rejection and ridicule.

Bill Grace doesn't seem like he'd fret over those vulnerabilities, considering he's an expert in his field with over 25 years of teaching and lecturing about leadership. But when he sat down to write his magnum opus, Bill found it difficult to make it personal. His first draft was so dry and theoretical that even his own wife could barely slog through it.

Then Bill tried again, this time opening up about a story that goes back decades and reveals the precise moment he was inspired to develop his new theory of leadership. He put it all into his new book, "Sharing the Rock: Shaping our Future through Leadership for the Common Good." Bill Grace talks with KUOW's Jeremy Richards.

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