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What To Do With The Wolves

Ross Reynolds
08/31/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Wash. Prepares To Accept Bids To Privatize Liquor Distribution: Washington state runs a liquor distribution business. Could the state make more money if a private company took over? Austin Jenkins reports on the formal bidding process that's about to get underway.

Boeing Takes On Airbus With Launch Of New 737 Model: Boeing has unveiled a new version of its 737 that it hopes will capture market share from Airbus. The company had been considering building an all new plane to replace the 737, but opted for what officials call the low–risk approach instead. KUOW's Deborah Wang reports.

What To Do With Wolves: How should Washington state manage wolf recovery? Is it possible to restore the wolf population without putting cattle at risk? Recently, a citizen advisory group disbanded, unable to agree. We'll hear from a rancher and a conservationist who served on the committee.

Blessing Ceremony For Totem Pole In John T. Williams' Memory: The family of John T. Williams celebrated his life Tuesday in a ceremony on Seattle's waterfront. A Seattle police officer shot and killed Williams a year ago as he crossed the street, holding a carving knife. KUOW's Phyllis Fletcher reports the ceremony was also a blessing of two totem poles carved by family, friends and supporters.


Jasmine Minbashian is special projects director at Conservation Northwest.

Jack Field is executive vice–president of the Washington Cattlemen's Association.

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