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A Conversation With Norman Corwin, Writer-Director From Radio's Golden Age

Katy Sewall
09/08/2011 at 10:00 a.m.

Radio's Golden Age is over, but many names from that era are still famous today. You probably know Jack Benny and Orson Wells, but are you familiar with Norman Corwin? Norman Corwin is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest writer–director–producer's of radio's Golden Age. Radio educator Tony Palermo says that not knowing Corwin's work is like never having heard of Shakespeare. This hour we invite you to get to know Corwin's work, and how his writing shaped our country's take on World War II. "Weekday" producer Katy Sewall sat down with Norman Corwin in June, right after his 100th birthday.


Norman Corwin is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest writer–director–producers of radio's Golden Age.

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