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Adventures In New Parenthood: Scam Baiting

Sarah Waller

Ken Moore and Kali Sakai met in Seattle's high–tech computer industry, and have been married for six years. Ken runs marathons. Kali has a shark tattoo. Together, they seem like the kind of couple that can conquer anything. Then, they had a baby.

The first months turned their world upside down. Kali applied her project management skills to caring for their newborn. Ken took up a secret project in his basement. His goal was to get entwined with a Nigerian email scammer and scam him back. It's called scam baiting. But, the deeper he got into the scam, the more he realized he would need to deceive Kali to keep his project going.

KUOW's Sarah Waller talks with Ken and Kali about how their journey into parenthood tested the boundaries of their relationship, and ultimately led to a deeper discovery of what it means to be a family.

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