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Amazon Delivery To 7-Eleven Stores

Liz Jones
09/09/2011 may soon offer Seattle customers a new way to get their packages. Instead of home delivery, you could pick up your online purchases at the 7–Eleven store down the block. KUOW's Liz Jones reports.


A lot of retailers like Walmart, Sears and Best Buy give customers the option to buy stuff online, then pick it up in the local store. wants to offer that same service. But since it doesn't operate brick–and–mortar stores, well, that's where 7–Eleven comes in.

Brian Walker: "This is a way from them to respond to that trend and increase the convenience for customers who may be working during the day and don't want a package left on the porch or in the hallway."

That's Brian Walker. He's a Seattle–based eCommerce analyst with Forrester Research.

Amazon remains silent about its rollout plans, but the online news site Geekwire reports Amazon is testing the idea in Seattle. It says the company has installed and activated lockers in at least one 7–Eleven store on Capitol Hill. Amazon customers would then use a code to open the specific locker with their package.

Brian Walker thinks one of Amazon's biggest challenges is to make the process simple for customers.

Walker: "Getting your key code via email or text message and being able to go up and actually have the locker experience make sense and not have issues with that, getting that right of course is critical."

Walker says it's cheaper for Amazon to bulk deliver items to one location, like 7–Eleven, rather than to individual homes, so he doubts Amazon would charge an extra fee for the locker service.

With this new service, Amazon wants to tap into people who don't use home delivery. Walker says those customers likely shop more at local retailers. So, he expects Amazon's new service could steal away a few of those local shoppers.

I'm Liz Jones, KUOW News.

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