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Unused Loan Programs, Vaccines For Teens, And A One-Term Presidency?

David Hyde
09/19/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

The Washington Legislature Created Program That Nobody Used: A loan program the Washington Legislature created in 2008 to help small manufacturers hasn't had a single taker. That's the finding of a legislative audit that recommends the program be terminated. Austin Jenkins has the story.

Teens And Tweens Find They Too Need Vaccines To Attend School: Washington state has the highest opt–out rate for vaccinations. But numbers are rising in other states as well. California is now requiring vaccinations in teens and tweens in order to prevent outbreaks. NPR's Nancy Shute reports.

If Obama Is A One–Term President: President Obama is out today with a new plan to tame the debt. But with a sputtering economy and sagging poll numbers the buzz in the other Washington is that Obama could be a one–term president. We ask Princeton historian Julian Zelizer how Obama compares to some of his predecessors.


Julian Zelizer is a professor of history at Princeton University.

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