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Amazon Controversies, And Drinking On Stage

Ross Reynolds
09/20/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Working For Amazon In Allentown: may have gotten its start in Seattle, but the company now operates from a multitude of cities. One of the company's warehouses is in Allentown, Pennsylvania. According to a recent investigative report, many employees are frustrated with the working conditions.

NW Medical School Doctors Paid By Drug Companies: Across the Northwest, thousands of physicians are receiving payments from drug makers. Some of that money is for drug research. Other payments are for a meal or a trip to a conference. But in many cases, doctors are getting paid to give talks to other medical providers on behalf of a drug company. KUOW's Austin Jenkins reports.

Drinking On Stage: Currently, bands are not allowed to drink on stage, but that may change. We talk to Justin Nordhorn, the enforcement chief for Washington's Liquor Control Board.

WA Firms Lagging On Climate Transparency: More and more of the world's biggest businesses say they are taking concerted action to fight climate change. The same is true of big business in the United States, even in the absence of federal action on climate change. But in Washington state, not so much. KUOW's John Ryan reports.


Justin Nordhorn is enforcement chief for Washington's Liquor Control Board.

Spencer Soper is a business reporter for Pennsylavania newspaper, The Morning Call.

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