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Vietnam Memorial, Controversial Teacher Firing, And Medicaid ER Visit Limits

Ross Reynolds
09/30/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Wash. Supreme Court Rules On Teacher Firing: The Supreme Court of Washington decided yesterday that a high school teacher in Federal Way should not have been fired. The one justice who dissented says the opinion makes it too hard to fire teachers now for misconduct, even though the opinion restores rights the court established 25 years ago. KUOW's Phyllis Fletcher reports.

Medicaid Caps On ER Visits: Each day about 170 patients come through the emergency room at Tacoma's St. Joseph Medical Center. They come here for a variety of reasons, from toe fungus to chest pain. A new policy some symptoms that were previously considered critical will now be considered non–emergent. KUOW's Ruby de Luna reports.

Olympia Vietnam War Memorial: Vietnam vets in Washington state are divided over a proposed plaque to commemorate fallen soldiers who fought for the South Vietnamese army during the war.


Dale Parsons served 23 years in the US Army and is co–chairman of a committee working to add three flagpoles to the Washington state's Capitol Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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