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The Beat

Correo Aereo

Marcie Sillman/Dave Beck

A taste of folk songs from Mexico, Venezuela and Peru - and the dance rhythms of Argentina and the Andes.

Also this hour

The Super Flat exhibit at the Henry Art Gallery, and CD reviews with Gavin Borchert.

At 2:00pm - Super Flat
When a collection of Japanese prints and paintings made its way to Paris in the 19th century, the art world and art aficionados were taken by the two-dimensional quality of what they saw, the inherent flatness of the work. A century later, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has coined the term "super flat" to describe the work of a host of contemporary artists from his country. "Super flat" art comes out of more traditional Japanese work, but the art in the SuperFlat exhibition, currently at the Henry Art Gallery, is anything but traditional. From a limp plane that crashes to the museum floor, to huge wall paintings of dead celebrities, to a happy Thomas the Tank Engine urging Tokyo rail commuters not to throw themselves to their deaths on the train tracks, Super Flat is also a series of commentaries about contemporary Japan, urban living, and the tensions between East and West. Marcie Sillman speaks with Elizabeth Brown, Senior Curator at the Henry Art Gallery, about the work in Super Flat.

Super Flat is at the Henry Art Gallery on the University of Washington campus through March 2002. For more information, visit the Henry Art Gallery online.

At 2:30pm - Correo Aereo
Folk songs from Mexico, Venezuela and Peru - and the dance rhythms of Argentina and the Andes are all part of the sound of Correo Aereo. The group is built around the musical duo of Abel Rocha and Madeleine Sosin who founded the band in Austin, Texas in the early 1990's. Born and reared in Mexico, Rocha was a boy when he learned to play huapango music from his uncle and father. As a teenager, he was drawn to Andean folk music, learning mestizo and criollo rhythms, which include a blend of Indian, African and European influences. Madeleine Sosin learned many of the performing styles and traditions of Latin America from Abel Rocha and now performs alongside her mentor and musical partner.

They present an impressive array of instruments and sounds including harps from Venezuela and Mexico, percussion, violin, vocals and several guitars and plucked stringed instruments representing a variety of Latin traditions.

You can get information on Correo Aereo's performances and recordings at They play this Thursday night (November 29th) in the Baltic Ballroom. The band plays regularly on Saturday evenings (7 to 9PM) at Nonna Maria's 530 1st. Ave N.

At the end of the hour - CD Review by Gavin Borchert
Osvaldo Golijov: St. Mark Passion
Hanssler Classic CD 98.404