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Mitt Romney's Pledge, Border Questions, 'Occupy Seattle,' And Bilingual Ballots

Ross Reynolds
10/14/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Romney Pledges To Take On Unfair Business Practices: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took on US trade policy during a speech at the Microsoft campus in Redmond on Thursday. KUOW's Amy Radil reports Romney told Microsoft employees he'd push for free trade "everywhere in the world."

Northern Border Fence Idea Raises Eyebrows Along Frontier: A planning document describing possible security enhancements along our northern border is raising eyebrows both in Canada and the US. Most notably, the study for the Department of Homeland Security raises the idea of fencing short portions of the northern border. Some Canadians are offended by the idea. Correspondent Tom Banse reports the US agency is now trying to contain the negative reaction.

Update On 'Occupy Seattle' Demonstrations: Ross Reynolds has the latest.

King County to Add Vietnamese To Ballots King County will start printing a new set of bilingual ballots, in compliance with federal law. With the state's booming Latino population, you might guess the new ballots would be in Spanish. But KUOW's Liz Jones reports that's not the case.

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