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Tacoma Pot Initiative, And Roosevelt Rezone

Ross Reynolds
10/19/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Tacoma Initiative 1 Would Make Pot Arrests Lower Priority: Next month, Tacoma voters will weigh on how police should react when someone smokes pot in public or when someone is caught with a few joints in their pocket. Police and prosecutors in Tacoma say these pot crimes are already a low priority. But, as KUOW's Liz Jones reports, backers of Initiative 1 want a stronger guarantee.

Roosevelt Neighborhood At Odds With Redevelopment Plans: Regional planners expect the combined population of Seattle and Bellevue to reach nearly one million people by 2040. A major concern is urban sprawl, but planners say Seattle can avoid the problem by focusing growth around future transit centers. That means many communities will have to figure out how to accommodate more density. In one north Seattle neighborhood, KUOW's Bryan Buckalew reports the debate has come down to three final blocks.

Scientists To Survey For Alarming New Salmon Virus: Federal fisheries scientists plan to survey Pacific Northwest and Alaskan waters to determine if a harmful European fish virus has spread here. This week, scientists in British Columbia announced they've found the fish–killing virus in wild Pacific salmon for the first time. Tom Banse reports.

Gay Rights Group Says It Will Publish R–71 Petition Signers Names: Washington voters who signed an anti–domestic partnership petition in 2009 can expect their names to appear online within a month. That's the word Tuesday from a Massachusetts–based gay rights group called Know Thy Neighbor. Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins explains.

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