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Election Coverage: I-1183

Steve Scher
10/25/2011 at 9:00 a.m.

Initiative 1183 would privatize liquor sales and distribution in Washington. Proponents say the state shouldn't have a monopoly on liquor sales, and that privatization would give consumers more selection and better prices. Opponents say cheaper, more–available liquor would increase alcohol abuse, hurt state revenue and put 1,400 state liquor employees out of work. We talk to people on both sides of the debate — and you. Call 206.543.5869 (KUOW) with your take on I–1183.


Kathryn Stenger is spokesperson for The Yes on 1183 campaign, which is behind the initiative to privatize liquor sales.

Alex Fryer is spokesperson for the Protect Our Communities campaign, which opposes privatizing liquor sales.

Joe Gilliam is president of Northwest Grocery Association, which supports I–1183.

Jan Gee is the president and CEO of the Washington Food Industry Association. She has served as president for the past five years. The WFIA has come out in opposition to I–1183.

Sean Sullivan analyzes trends in the Washington wine industry on his blog, the Washington Wine Report.

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