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Bellevue City Council Race, And Swarm Of Bees

Ross Reynolds
10/26/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Bellevue City Council Race: If Tim Eyman's 1125 Initiative passed, it will stop plans to run a new light rail line over the I–90 bridge. But Eyman's initiative isn't the only election issue that would affect Eastside light rail. As KUOW's Amy Radil reports, the results of City Council elections in Bellevue could determine when light rail gets to the Eastside and how Bellevue pays for it.

Truck Driver Survives Swarm Of 25 Million Bees: A Gig Harbor trucker tells about what happened when his load of 25 million bees tipped over and he got swarmed.


Louis Holst is a truck driver and resident of Gig Harbor, Washington.

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