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'Weird Al,' Amy Grant And Your Secret Musical Loves

Katy Sewall
11/07/2011 at 8:00 p.m.

Tonight is a special live hour on KUOW. We'll talk with "Weird Al" Yankovic about parody music, then singer–songwriter Amy Grant joins us to reflect on her long career and the modern day Christian pop music scene. Then we turn to you! What music do you absolutely love but you're too embarrassed to admit it? What music on your iPod are you shy about sharing? Tell us why you love it, what memories it conjures and why you keep it to yourself. Radio is anonymous. This is your chance to confess you hidden musical loves. 1.800.289.KUOW (5869).

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You can catch Michael McQuilken playing live with Jason Webley this Friday night at The Moore Theater at 8:00 p.m. The show features Alex Guy on violin and viola, Jherek Bischoff on upright bass, Michael McQuilken on drums and percussion and Jason Webley on accordion, guitar and vocals. To reserve tickets by phone, call 1.877.784.4849.


"Weird Al" Yankovich is famous for writing parody songs. He's written parody versions of mainstream music hits since the 1980s, releasing 13 original albums. His latest album "Apocalypse" came out this summer.

Amy Grant has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, including multiple Platinum and Gold albums. She's won six Grammy awards for best contemporary album, best gospel performance, and best southern, country, or bluegrass gospel album — as well as Grammy nominations for everything from record of the year to children spoken word.

Michael McQuilken is a New York City–based theater maker, composer, musician and performer. He also invents and builds strange musical devices.

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