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A Midwife And Her Patient: Learning From Loss

Sarah Waller

Sharon Hammond is a certified nurse midwife. She's delivered over a thousand babies, so she spends a lot of time around joyful parents and healthy newborns. But not all pregnancies and births go according to plan. For Sharon, it was a difficult birth experience — perhaps the hardest in her career — that she cherishes most. Sharon tells KUOW's Sarah Waller how the birth and death of a baby changed the way she practices medicine.

Resources for families and friends experiencing the loss of a child, compiled by certified midwife Sharon Hammond:

  • The Healing Center (Seattle): Counseling and support groups, community events.

    Phone: 206.523.1206

  • Centering Corporation: A national organization for the support of grieving families; includes a good online bookstore with books and brochures in English and Spanish.

    Toll–free number: 866.218.0101

  • Children's Hospital Journey Program: Counseling and support groups for families experiencing the loss of a child; includes online reading materials and reading recommendations.

    Phone: 206.987.2062

  • The Compassionate Friends: A national organization with local support groups for persons experiencing loss of a child.

    Toll–free number: 877.969.010

    See website for all local chapters.

    Kirkland —

    Phone: 206.849.9296

    Seattle —

    Phone: 206.721.336

  • The "Grief And Loss" guide from this site has excellent information on supporting a person who has experienced loss.

Most local hospitals have grief support programs. See individual hospital Web pages.

Books on pregnancy loss:

  • "A Silent Sorrow. Pregnancy Loss: Guidance And Support For You And Your Family," by Ingrid Kohn and Perry–Lynn Moffitt with Isabelle A. Wilkins.
  • "Empty Cradle, Broken Heart," by Deborah Davis.
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