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Silas Potter Arrested In Florida

Phyllis Fletcher

The former Seattle Schools manager who allegedly stole a quarter million dollars from the district had his first court appearance today in Florida. His arrest started with a traffic stop. KUOW's Phyllis Fletcher reports.


Silas Potter was due to appear in King County Superior Court Tuesday morning. He didn't show up. A King County judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

At 12:58 the next morning, near Tampa, Florida, a Sheriff's deputy there pulled over a black Nissan. The driver was Silas Potter.

KUOW obtained a copy of the ticket that shows his car didn't have valid tabs.

A detective for the Hillsborough County Sherriff says that appeared to be Potter's misfortune. He says the arresting officer ran Potter's name, and, "Up popped the warrant. Darn the luck."

The deputy also found Potter was driving with a suspended license.

The detective says when his office contacted the King County Sheriff's office, the person they talked to said, "How'd you get him so fast?"

Potter is in jail without bond. His first court appearance was by video in Hillsborough County Court.

The Seattle Times found Potter living in Florida in February. That's when the paper broke the story about the financial scandal that ended Potter's career. And led the school board to fire the superintendent and her financial chief.

The Washington State Auditor found Potter funneled $1.8 million of district money to himself and his associates.

Last month the King County prosecutor announced charges against Potter and two accomplices, for the theft of a quarter of a million dollars.

Potter is scheduled for extradition to King County. How fast it happens depends on whether he agrees to it, or fights it.

I'm Phyllis Fletcher, KUOW News.

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