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What's Next For Occupy Seattle?

Ross Reynolds
11/15/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

What's Next For Occupy Seattle? Police evicted Occupy Wall Street protestors from Manhattan's Zuccotti Park this morning. Authorities have also booted Occupy Oakland and Occupy Portland demonstrators in recent days. What's next for Occupy Seattle? KUOW's Liz Jones joins us from Seattle Central Community College, where the protesters are camped.

Seattle And UW Announce Project To Bring Fiber Optic Cable To Homes: The city of Seattle is trying to bring faster broadband service to people's homes. Monday, the city announced it would open up access to its own fiber optic cable network in two city neighborhoods. The city is looking for a private company that will connect the public network to homes. KUOW's Deborah Wang reports it's part of a pilot program with the University of Washington.

Brotherly Bond, Clouded By Schizophrenia: Some of the longest relationships are the life–long ties between siblings. But that connection can get complicated when one sibling suffers from a mental illness. Jessica Robinson has this story of two brothers: one in Moscow, Idaho, the other in Anchorage, Alaska. One has schizophrenia; the other grew up in the shadow of it.


Liz Jones is a KUOW reporter.

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