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State Economist Forecasts $1.4 Billion Deficit: What Will That Mean For You?

Ross Reynolds
11/17/2011 at 12:00 p.m.

Austin Jenkins On State Budget Forecast: State Chief Economist Arun Raha is out today with the latest revenue forecast. How does this latest forecast change the equation for lawmakers in Olympia? What's it going to mean for you? We take a closer look with our man in Olympia, Austin Jenkins.

Wind Turbines: Four public utilities cancel plans for a wind farm because of concerns the turbines will kill an endangered bird. Tom Banse reports.

Mentally Ill Teens: The research is clear that early intervention is key to keeping a mentally ill teen out of a juvenile detention center. One program in Oregon has proven so successful that its advocates say it has even had an immediate effect on the state budget. Yet most counties do not offer this kind of early intervention. We'll meet two families: one who received this kind of help, and another who didn't. Chris Lehman reports.


Austin Jenkins reports from Olympia.

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