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Protestors on the University Bridge. Photo by javacolleen.

Protestors on the University Bridge. Photo by javacolleen.


Occupy Seattle Protesters Call For 'Jobs Not Cuts'

Amy Radil

Hundreds of Occupy Seattle and labor demonstrators shut down the University Bridge last night. The staged march was part of a national day of action demanding jobs. Students, union members, immigrants and the unemployed were among those in the crowd. Their banners read, "Jobs, not cuts."

This latest march came off much differently than one on Tuesday, when police arrested six people and officers used pepper spray to disperse the crowd. As KUOW's Amy Radil reports, last night's march on the bridge ended peacefully.


The political group organized protests around the country Thursday, including in Bremerton and Portland. The group called for raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans to avoid more cuts to schools, government programs and infrastructure like aging bridges.

In Seattle on Thursday night, protesters braved a cold rain to gather on the edge of the University of Washington campus. Organizers say they had initially planned to march across Seattle's Montlake Bridge, but agreed to head for the University Bridge instead when police voiced concerns about getting ambulances to the University Medical Center.

This is what some of the marchers had to say:

Leslie Braxton: "No more cuts, we march for bringing home our soldiers, rebuilding our nation. No more cuts, we march for ending the nightmare and rebuilding the American dream. We march today. One nation indivisible with liberty, jobs and justice for all. We march today."

Paige Morgan: "I felt like I couldn't stand on the sidelines anymore. I've donated money to fund the Occupy movement, but after the raid on Tuesday night in New York City, there was just no excuse to stand on the sidelines."

Ahmed Osman: "This is essentially a keg of gun powder that is about to blow, essentially. Like jobs, the budget crisis, roads, infrastructure. There's many, many things that are going on, so all these people are now coming together to protest."

Hilary Underwood: "I'm a union member, I have family members that are unemployed."

Abdi Mohamed: "We don't have jobs, we are struggling. Any job that can put bread on the table, I need any job."

Those were the voices of the Pastor Leslie Braxton, UW graduate student Paige Morgan, software developer Ahmed Osman, union member Hilary Underwood and Somali immigrant Abdi Mohamed. Around the country Thursday, protesters also marked the two–month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement which has led to demonstrations and encampments nationwide.

I'm Amy Radil, KUOW News.

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