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City Council Passes 2012 Budget

Phyllis Fletcher

Monday, the Seattle City Council approved the city budget for next year. KUOW's Phyllis Fletcher reports.


Council President Richard Conlin calls the final budget fiscally responsible and progressive. But he says he's afraid of one thing.

Conlin: "And that is a concern that the state will look at our fiscally sound, fiscal stewardship and penalize us for that by removing local funding resources or devolving state functions without appropriate taxing resources that would allow us to carry them out."

Conlin says if the state make cuts to human services and public safety, the Seattle budget is unsustainable.

The council added over one million dollars to human services and programs that address homelessness.

The budget also pays for a program in the City Attorney's Office to help police deal with crime on the street.

The council added two jobs to the Mayor's proposed budget, to help immigrants and refugees, and the council cut 49 jobs from full–time to part–time.

This was the first city budget process that used no paper. Budget Committee Chair Jean Godden says even that saved money.

The 2012 budget is $4.2 billion with a general fund of $910 million.

I'm Phyllis Fletcher, KUOW News.

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