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Recounts Stem From November Election

Derek Wang

The November election is not quite over. Counties certified their results Tuesday, but many races are extremely close. And that will lead to some recounts. KUOW's Derek Wang has details.


In King County, there will be recounts in four local races. Sherill Huff is the director of the county elections office.

Huff: "We've been watching them for the last couple of weeks and they have gone back and forth and back and forth, sometimes just varying in one case by as many as two votes, and up to I think the highest difference that is in recount range, is 51."

Recounts are mandatory whenever close races meet certain conditions. This year, there will be recounts in City Council races in Bellevue and Des Moines, as well as in a race for Enumclaw School Board, and Public Hospital District Number 4. Huff says she hopes the recounts will be completed by mid–December.

Most of the races were not close. Generally speaking, at the county and city level, most incumbents cruised to retain their seats. But there were some notable exceptions in two Seattle School Board races. School Board President Steve Sundquist lost to his challenger, retired teacher Marty McLaren. And incumbent Peter Maier lost to TV producer Sharon Peaslee.

Other highlights include voters rejecting a proposed car tab increase to pay for road improvements, and the failure of Tim Eyman's Initiative 1125 — a measure that would have restricted the use of tolls and killed light rail over I–90.

In King County turnout was 53.7 percent, that's almost 2 percent more than what officials had estimated.

Snohomish County plans to hold recounts in three races, including a Monroe City Council race in which the two candidates are separated by one vote.

Pierce County will have one recount in a fire district race.

The state certifies all the county results on December 8.

I'm Derek Wang, KUOW News.

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