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Seattle School District To Begin Search For New Superintendent

Phyllis Fletcher

Members of the Seattle School Board have said their most important job is hiring a superintendent. They're scheduled to start that job again next month. Their interim superintendent announced Friday she's leaving. KUOW's Phyllis Fletcher reports.


The interim superintendent is Susan Enfield. The school board promoted her in March after a financial scandal prompted them to fire the last superintendent, Maria Goodloe–Johnson.

The board was scheduled to decide next month whether to start a search for a new superintendent or offer Enfield a contract extension. Enfield declined in an interview to give a reason for her departure. But when it comes to board members, she says–

Enfield: "I was clear that I did not begrudge them the need to do a search, but that it wasn't in my best interest to be part of it."

In races for School Board, most candidates indicated at a campaign appearance that the board should do a search. Three of those candidates are board members now.

Business leaders and union spokespeople don't often agree about education politics. But in this case, people on both sides say they're disappointed.

Jonathan Knapp is vice president of the union that represents Seattle teachers. He says he hopes the union's positive relationship with district leaders continues.

Knapp: "And that we don't go back to what we had in the Goodloe–Johnson era where lots of decisions were idealogically–driven."

The business–backed Alliance for Education called Enfield's leadership "intentional" and said it created momentum.

Enfield's contract expires in June.

I'm Phyllis Fletcher, KUOW News.

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