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Wichita's Loss Is Puget Sound's Gain, And Seattle's Sushi Sensei

Ross Reynolds
01/04/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Boeing Closes Wichita Defense Plant: Boeing announced plans this morning to close their Wichita plant in 2013. As a result, workers in the Puget Sound will work on the US Air Force refueling tanker previously promised to Kansas defense plant. KUOW's Deb Wang will join us to explain more.

Governor Gregoire Backs Gay Marriage: Governor Gregoire said this morning she will introduce marriage equality legislation in the upcoming regular session. This is the first time the Gregoire has publically endorsed same–sex marriage.

Tolling Speeds Up 520 Commute: The first post–holiday morning commute on the 520 bridge showed less congestion and faster drive times. People who paid to take the newly–tolled bridge shaved five to seven minutes off their trip between Seattle and Bellevue.

National Parks A Dangerous To Enforce The Law: Mt. Rainier will remain closed until Saturday after the fatal shooting of ranger Margaret Anderson on Sunday. The tragedy underscores a little–known fact about the country's most beautiful landscapes: they're also home to some of the highest rates of assault on law enforcement. Correspondent Jessica Robinson reports.

A Visit With Seattle's Sushi Sensei: Shiro Kashiba is Seattle's first Sushi chef. He's written a new memoir called "Shiro: Wit Wisdom And Receips From A Sushi Pioneer." We visit Shiro at his restaurant in Belltown.


Deborah Wang is a reporter at KUOW.

Shiro Kashiba is Seattle's first sushi chef.

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