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Where Are They Now: Occupy Seattle

Bryan Buckalew

King County Sheriff's deputies evicted seven people Wednesday from a vacant house in Seattle's Central District. Occupy Seattle demonstrators had taken over the house last November in protest of evictions. Campers at City Hall have also been notified that their permit to assemble will not be renewed after Saturday. KUOW's Bryan Buckalew has this update.


Occupy Seattle's website says the group meets every Wednesday at noon downtown in Westlake Park, but this Wednesday, no one showed up. Office workers walked by on their way to lunch and a maintenance man removed Christmas lights from the trees.

Devin Matthews–Jensen spent a lot of time in Westlake Park this fall. He camped out. He was part the original group that took over the house on 23rd and Alder. And he occupied the port. But Matthews–Jensen hasn't been actively involved for the last month.

Matthews–Jensen: "I mean, I think, in a certain sense a lot of people were actually, including myself, expecting there to be an end to the actual physical occupation and sort of seeing that as partially a good thing. Because otherwise things just kind of stagnate and get stale."

He says what's important is that the Occupy movement has started a national discussion about wealth and equality. Occupy Seattle demonstrators still meet every day except for Saturday at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center downtown.

The group is planning large rallies for January 20 and 21 protesting money in politics. Protestors have written Stephen Colbert asking him to speak, but he hasn't responded yet.

For KUOW News, I'm Bryan Buckalew.

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