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A Local Look At The Republican Nomination Process, And Snow And Home Repair

Steve Scher
01/23/2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Local Republicans On The Nomination Process: As the sage advice has it: Never get involved in a family argument (unless you're part of the family that is). With Obama running unopposed as the Democratic candidate, all eyes are on the internal divisions within the Republican party. How do local republicans feel as they watch their prospective presidential candidates knock lumps out of each other from afar? For many members, Mitt Romney has all the appeal of a bucket of warm spit and yet — they might just stomach it if it gets Obama out of the White House. Local Republicans give us their take on the nomination process.

Snow And Home Repair With Roger Faris: "Weekday's" home repair expert, Roger Faris is here to offer advice. Did the recent storm damage your home, or make moisture problems more apparent? Give us a call and ask your questions at 1.800.289.KUOW (5869) or email "Weekday."


Roger Faris is "Weekday's" home repair expert and director emeritus of the Phinney Neighborhood Center Well Home Program. He's also the Hazard Mitigation Community Education Outreach (CEO) Supervisor for FEMA.

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