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Poet Katharine Whitcomb And A 'Murder Mystery'

Elizabeth Austen

Suspense is one of the great pleasures of a good mystery. It's pleasurable, in part, because we know we'll eventually get the answer. Life is not so reliable. In her poem "Murder Mystery," Katharine Whitcomb captures the way we can't help to make up a story, especially when a ready explanation is not available. The poem is featured in the Fall & Winter 2011–2012 issue of Poetry Northwest magazine.

Whitcomb is the author of "Saints Of South Dakota And Other Poems," winner of the 2000 Bluestem Award, "Hosannas" (Parallel Press, 1999) and, most recently, "Lamp Of Letters" (Floating Bridge Press, 2009). She is the recipient of a Stegner Fellowship at Stanford University, a Loft–McKnight Award, a Writing Fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and a Halls Fellowship at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing. She is coordinator of the writing specialization English major at Central Washington University. Her reading was recorded by Jack Straw Productions on May 20, 2011.

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