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Poet Ed Skoog 'And The Yellow Bones Of The Parking Lot'

Elizabeth Austen

Ed Skoog's poem, "And The Yellow Bones Of The Parking Lot," begins with a Microsoft employee trapped on the Redmond campus by an ice storm. From there, Skoog gives us an elegiac glimpse of a Seattle — and a self — that no longer exists in quite the same way, altered by both time and memory.

The poem is part of his collection "Mister Skylight" (Copper Canyon Press, 2009). Skoog has been a writer in residence at Seattle's Richard Hugo House and George Washington University, and a fellow at Bread Loaf. His second collection, "Rough Day," is due out from Copper Canyon Press in 2013. He lives in Seattle and was recorded in the KUOW Studios January 27, 2012.

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