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Where Does The Axe Fall In State Democrat's Budget?

Ross Reynolds
02/21/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

House Democrats Release Budget: This morning the House Democrats released their budget, Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins joins us to discuss what is in it and what is next in this session.

Air Bags Help Save Skiers: The air bag credited with saving a woman from an avalanche at Stevens Pass is starting to become standard equipment for backcountry skiers in the Northwest. The expert skiers who seek the thrill of more remote areas are no strangers to signs of avalanches. Jessica Robinson reports.

David Taylor On New Voting Legislation: Last week, new voting rights legislation was introduced in the state House. The legislation is designed to make it easier for minorities to be elected in places like Yakima, where Latinos make up 41 percent of the population but have never been elected to City Council. Under the bill, residents could seek to prove a pattern of racially polarized voting by suing local governments. The county or municipality would then be responsible for paying residents' legal expenses from those lawsuits.

Washington During The Great Depression: We've heard that the economic hard times since 2008 are only rivaled by the Great Depression. The Washington State History Museum opened an exhibit on February 20 on Washington state during the Great Depression. Curator Gwen Perkins speaks with us about how it affected our state.


Austin Jenkins is KUOW's Olympia correspondent.

Gwen Perkins is the curator at the Washington State History Museum.

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