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McGinn Says Seattle 'Making Progress' Towards Recovery

Deborah Wang

The hard times aren't over, but the city of Seattle is making progress towards economic recovery. That's according to Seattle's mayor, who gave his state of the city address yesterday. KUOW's Deborah Wang reports.


Mayor Mike McGinn says about 18,000 jobs have come back to Seattle since the economic recovery began. That puts the city about half–way towards its pre–crisis employment levels. He says Seattle lost about 35,000 jobs during the recession.

McGinn: "Construction activity is picking up. On my way in this morning, I counted at least a dozen cranes. When I took office there weren't any cranes above our city. It's good to see hard hats working again."

McGinn says Amazon is a big contributor to that growth. He cited reports last week that Amazon would build three new office towers in the city, nearly doubling the size of its current headquarters.

And he cited one more example of progress: Last week's announcement that private investors want to build a new NBA arena in the city.

McGinn also said the city is redeploying police to help prevent violent crime. And he said the city's police department will work harder to eliminate racial discrimination and bias in police practices.

The biggest applause of the nearly hour–long speech came when McGinn talked about what he called the "failed war on drugs," and called on the state to legalize marijuana.

I'm Deborah Wang, KUOW News.

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