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Court Rules On Plan B, And Rob McKenna On Gay Marriage And Legalized Pot

Ross Reynolds
02/22/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Court Decision On State Rules That Require Pharmacies To Sell Plan B: Today a federal district court judge rules on whether the state's regulation of Plan B (and other drugs) infringes on the rights of pharmacists. KUOW's Ruby DeLuna gives us an update.

Rob McKenna On Gay Marriage And Legalized Pot: Ross asks Rob McKenna about the initiative to legalize recreational marijuana use and the bill to legalize same sex marriage in Washington state.

House Democrats Budget — Another Round Of Reductions: The Washington Legislature has three weeks to rebalance the state budget. One way House Democrats propose to do that is to eliminate a series of payments that currently go to cities and counties.

Mayor McGinn's State Of The City: Mayor Mike McGinn says about 18,000 jobs have come back to Seattle since the economic recovery began. That puts the city about half–way towards its pre–crisis employment levels. But despite the rise in employment, his approval ratings are low according to one recent poll.

Dealing With Derelict Vessels: There are hundreds of abandoned or sunken ships in Northwest waters. These vessels can threaten navigation, human safety and the environment. But state agencies in the region are only equipped to handle part of the problem.


Ruby DeLuna reports for KUOW.

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