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Diagnosing PTSD

Steve Scher
02/24/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

Nickels Announces Run For Secretary Of State: Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels joins us on "Weekday" to explain why he wants to be Washington's next secretary of state.

What Is A PTSD Diagnosis? What does it mean to have post–traumatic stress disorder? How does a diagnosis alter a soldier's treatment and recovery? How is PTSD diagnosed? What standards are used to draw out a person who is suspected of overblowing their symptoms? Why would someone exaggerate having PTSD?

Satko's Ark: Part 3 In 1938, Paul Satko took his wife and eight children on a journey across Depression–era America. They traveled in a vehicle of their own construction from Virginia to Puget Sound and on up to Alaska. The welder and dreamer built a car — or was it a boat, or was it both? — to make this journey. The trip captured the imagination of Tacoma and Seattle. Satko put in at Tacoma to much fanfare, but then struggled to make his way north. In this original nine–part series produced by Dominic Black and edited by Jim Gates, we hear the story of this trip in Paul Satko's own words, the words of his children and from press accounts of the time.

Sound Of The Week: Our Sound Of The Week comes from 40 feet below the surface of the San Juan Channel.

Weekend Weather Forecast: A preview of what weather you can expect this weekend.


Greg Nickels is a former mayor of Seattle.

Dorothy Melcer is the referral specialist and triage person for The Soldiers Project Northwest.

Dr. Bridget C. Cantrell writes and travels around the globe teaching and conducting workshops for current military personnel and their families. She focuses on pre– and post–deployment issues, combat operational stress (COS), and all transitional challenges facing members of our Armed Forces. Dr. Cantrell is one of the specially selected and trained mental health providers for the Washington state Deptartment of Veterans Affairs PTSD Program.

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