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David C. Unger: 'The Emergency State'

Steve Scher
02/29/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

State Expects Fewer Toll Dollars To Pay For Hwy. 99 Tunnel: The Washington state Department of Transportation initially thought $400 million in toll revenue would help pay for construction of the Highway 99 tunnel. WSDOT now projects tolls will pay about half as much, with $200 million in unspent federal money filling the gap.

David C. Unger's 'The Emergency State:' How has the US security state emerged, and what affect is it having on our democracy? The New York Times' editorial writer David Unger says that America's pursuit of power since 1940 has come at a great cost. In "The Emergency State," he describes an anxious quest for invulnerability that has damaged civic life, plagued the economy and failed to make us safer — and offers a path back to the principles of constitutional democracy.

'Satko's Ark:' Part 5: In 1938, Paul Satko took his wife and eight children on a journey across America. They traveled in a vehicle of their own construction from Virginia to Puget Sound and on up to Alaska. The welder and dreamer built a car — or was it a boat, or was it both — to make the journey. In this original nine–part series produced by Dominic Black and edited by Jim Gates, we hear the story of this trip, in Paul Satko's own words, the words of his children and from the press accounts of the time.

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David C. Unger is a foreign policy editorialist for The New York Times and author of "The Emergency State: America's Pursuit Of Absolute Security At All Costs."

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